Unleash evil: Mods come to Dungeons 4 on Game Pass and console

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Dungeons 4 players now have access to new content

Dungeons 4 has been kicking around on Xbox, Game Pass and PlayStation for a good few months, going down a storm with those looking to embrace all evil. And now comes the introduction of user-generated content and Mods to ensure that the most evil can continue to get their kicks. 

A new update for Dungeons 4

Kalypso and Realmforge Studios have today confirmed that Dungeons 4 players on Xbox Series X|S and PlayStation 5 will gain access to player-created content and mods. Arriving as part of Update 1.5, creators on PC can use the editor to create content for players on PC, Xbox Series X|S, and PlayStation 5 to download and play. 

The Absolute Evil has decreed that all players shall have access to enjoy player-created content – not just those on PC That means that from today, those who wish to unearth these player-generated-gems need only venture to the section from the game’s main menu, selecting from a vast array of maps.

Further to that, Update 1.5 for Dungeons 4 on Xbox, PlayStation and PC also includes Possession Mode, allowing the Micromanaging Evil to slip into the minds of its minions to ensure they are making the best Evil use of their time.

The editor allows aspiring developers of evil access to the same tools used by Realmforge Studios when building levels, including creating unique objectives, unique spawn conditions for units, and even adding custom dialogue. The only limit to the possibilities is how diabolical you are willing to be in pursuit of true evil. 

Spread all evil

Dungeons 4 is available on Xbox Series X|S and through Game Pass for console and PC. You’ll find the Xbox Store page right here.

It’s also on Windows 11 PC and PlayStation 5.

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