Laggy but Lovable, Wuthering Waves Has Finally Arrived

After months of anticipation, Wuthering Waves has finally hit the servers today. With 30 million pre-registrations, the launch of Wuthering Waves was nothing short of amazing! Without further ado, let me give a heads-up on what you’re about to get into!

The game also celebrated reaching 5 million followers by gifting players a Rangers’ Series Weapon of Choice, a treat with many a Resonator grinning from ear to ear. On May 23 and 24, you’ll receive 10 Lustrous Tide and 10 Radiant Tide, respectively. Just remember to claim these gifts before July 2, 2024.

Story And Gameplay

You take the helm as Rover in this open-world RPG, a hero who awakens with a memory as foggy as a London pea souper. Luckily, you won’t be charting this course alone. A crew called Resonators will join you on your quest, each with their own unique set of skills to tackle the enemies that litter the landscape like rogue asteroids.

These lush landscapes that have seen better days are dotted with the remnants of a once-thriving civilization. And, of course, there’s the mystery of your missing memories. Can you piece together the past and save humanity from whatever lurks around the corner?

Now, the gameplay. The combat is fast-paced and flashy. You gotta dodge attacks, counter with precision, and use special attacks to dominate the battlefield. Plus, collect Echoes, remnants of defeated enemies, to gain powerful abilities and customize your playstyle.

The gameplay is somewhat similar to Kuro game’s other title- Punishing Gray Raven. The movement is also designed for speed and ease. You can sprint for extended periods without getting tired and wall run instead of climbing.

Never-Ending Event Galore!

And then come the events. Oh, the events! Gifts of Thawing Frost provides weekly login rewards, with a Resonator Sanhua waiting on the fifth day. Meanwhile, the Utterance of Marvels event enticed new players with discounted Convenes, ensuring everyone can nab a 5-star Resonator.

The Awakening Journey event is another grind, offering rich rewards at various Union Levels. You can earn a 5-star Winter Brume Series Weapon of Choice, Lustrous Tide, Astrite, Crystal Solvent, and Cosmic Ripples. There are also free level bundles available in the store, making the leveling journey all the more rewarding.

The challenges didn’t stop there. The Rumbling Hollows event introduced the Tower of Adversity, where you can earn a Resonator Yuanwu and other premium items. For those seeking an even greater test, the Depths of Illusive Real provides seasonal challenges with various buffs and rewards. Echo collectors aren’t left out either, with the Echo Hunters event offering Astrite to complete specific tasks.

Gacha Games & Grindy Gains

And let’s not forget the character and weapon events that accompany the Wuthering Waves Launch. Prevail the Lasting Night featured Jiyan, while When Thunder Pours spotlighted Yinlin. Each had its own set of boosted drop rates, making it a perfect opportunity to strengthen your roster. The weapon events, Absolute Pulsation: Verdant Summit and Absolute Pulsation: Stringmaster, ensure that you can get your hands on top-tier gear.

The game also introduced the Pioneer Podcast” a unique way to earn rewards by completing tasks and leveling up the podcast. Special bundles offered great deals on essential items, further helping players on their journey.

A Bumpy Start, But Still Promising

Nevertheless, the journey was not entirely uneventful. A number of Android users reported experiencing crashes during the launch process. However, this issue was promptly resolved with the release of a patch.

Reinstalling the game seemed to solve the issue for most players (including me). Despite this hiccup, some users still experienced lag and other optimization issues, which proved disappointing for fans who have been waiting for so long.

While the Wuthering Waves launch was a mixed bag, the story and gameplay have received rave reviews. Though it has been somewhat tainted by technological problems, the game has shown great potential with its large prizes and exciting events. Now that you know everything about the starter pack, check out the game on Google Play!

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