Arsene Lupin – Once a Thief is unmasked!

Arsene Lupid Once a Thief keyart
Arsene Lupid Once a Thief is coming to PC and console

Intrigued by the tales of Arsene Lupin? Microids have today confirmed that Arsene Lupin – Once a Thief will release later in 2024, unmasking the adventures today with a bit of a tease. 

Come this Fall you’ll get to witness the adventures of the world’s most famous gentleman burglar, as Arsene Lupin – Once a Thief launches on Xbox, PlayStation, Nintendo Switch and PC. Developed by those behind a couple of episodes of the Hercule Poirot series (Blazing Griffin Studio), this should well be one to watch. And you can start that off by taking in the teaser trailer below. 

A new Arsene Lupin tale

Arsene Lupin – Once A Thief will drop players into an immersive journey, as they take to the world of the iconic gentleman-burglar. You’ll get to delve into these iconic tales drawn from the work of Maurice Leblanc, discovering how the legend was forged.

Experience Arsene Lupin’s transformation from whimsical burglar to legendary hero, doing so as the narrative unfolds through captivating fireside conversations between Arsene Lupin and the author, Maurice Leblanc. Lupin recounts his past exploits to Leblanc, allowing players to actively participate in these renowned escapades.

In this adventure-puzzle game, will be the opportunity to dive into a captivating journey that explores the early life, loves and crimes of the iconic gentleman thief. And you’ll do that by immersing yourself in his famous tales, playing as both Lupin and Detective Ganimard; his tireless antagonist, offering unique perspectives on legendary stories like ‘The Arrest of Arsène Lupin’ and ‘Herlock Sholmes Arrives Too Late’.

Key Games Features

  • Master the art of thievery – Explore many environments, solve puzzles and take on a variety of disguises as you take on exciting criminal escapades, while constantly striving to outsmart the law. And stay one step ahead.
  • The Artistic world of Lupin – Marvel at the vibrant artistry, reminiscent of an illustrated storybook., and meet colourful characters straight out of the stories of lupin as he retells his own escapades with a flair for the dramatic.
  • Experience the legends – Join Lupin and Maurice Leblanc by the fireside as they retell a selection of lupin’s most famous stories and experience them from whole new perspectives.
  • Investigate and deduce – See the stories from a fresh perspective as you immerse yourself in Ganimard’s role, searching for evidence, interrogating suspects, creating timelines, and connecting the dots to pursue and apprehend your legendary adversary.

Coming later in 2024

Arsene Lupin – Once a Thief will release on Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Nintendo Switch and PC in Fall 2024. 

For now, enjoy the teaser trailer. 

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