Computers – A Resource Pack at Skyrim Special Edition Nexus

Author’s instructions

Free to use in your projects. Read the credits section to learn how.

File credits

Tools Used:
NifSkope, NifTools + Blender, GIMP + DDS Plug-In (Shawn Kirst, Arne Reuter), Body Slide & Outfit Studios (Possibly early in development of the model ports project), Chunk Merge, Nif Optimizer, Cathedral Assets Optimizer

Mesh/Texture Sources:


Computer #2 (sudreyskr)

Computer SGD 116 – Logan Thomas (LThomas762)

Retro computer (Urpo)

Sci-fi Computer (Render Blue)

Sci-fi Computer (Tuuttipingu)

UNIVAC Computer (sudreyskr)

Old Computer (SketchyBot)

Computer Security Panel (Glowbox 3D)

Computer (Tom McCahey)

Old rusty Computer (DoniTodorov)

*Note meshes / select textures have been edited (converted) to work in Skyrim.
Some original textures have not been utilized.

Licensor and aforementioned parties are unaffiliated with SoloAlbumProductions.

© All applicable rights reserved to the relevant parties.
Previously listed links can be used to attain more information.

Credits are written to the best of our ability. We can only try our best.
If you have any concerns or questions, be sure to contact us via email!
[email protected]


Mihail – Vampire Beasts (Garkain, Fleder, Katakan)
Used a nif as a base for porting work

WhyHello128 for sharing our work

The CC-By 4.0 license can’t be revoked once given, provided the rules are not broken. That being said, if an original model author contacts me and requests me to take an object down, out of respect,
I will do so.

Special thanks to:
User: SliceNDice1 – For teaching me about Creation Kit grab markers
Users: Gmus and Skybroom – For teaching me about transparency (Opacity of whole textures)
User: hrodeberht1 – For teaching me how to produce alphas for meshes (partial transparency for textures).
LVX Magick for his Collision Data tutorial on YouTube.

Aether Suite (HaloFarm)
Google it, (*Note: The mod is from a NSFW site)
*Early in development of the model ports project.

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