Gen Z and Gen Alpha crave games with ‘more meaning’ and ‘personalisation across everything’ according to PlayStation exec—who implies that (you guessed it) AI is the answer

Sony’s been on a bit of a bender with AI stuff recently, huh—as I’m sure a recently-misrepresented Neil Druckmann will tell you. AI—or I should specify, generative AI—may prove valuable in game development, but as with a lot of new technologies the actual use cases devs are finding clash severely with the executive pipe dream of paying fewer voice actors and writers in the name of “reactivity”. 

Flying under the radar of the Druckmann controversy (though nonetheless spotted by IGN) is another ream of buzzwords courtesy of head of PlayStation productions and product Asad Qizilbash, who has a brave new angle on the tech via an interview on Sony’s website: You see, AI’s got what the kids crave for more reasons like—uh, personalisation, and reactivity, and meaning, and stuff.

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