Redfall’s final Xbox update brings offline mode and more

If you are working through the Redfall achievements, Game Update 4 is out now as Redfall’s last Xbox update, following the news that Arkane Austin is closing and ceasing development on the game.

Game Update 4 out now for Redfall

Redfall update 4 will be around 19.94 GB on Xbox and brings an offline mode so you can play even when not connected — or are suddenly disconnected — from the Internet. “When playing in co-op, the host will be dropped into a solo offline session,” Arkane adds. Single player pausing will also be available. The addition of an offline mode is great for game preservation as it means Redfall will still be playable should Microsoft one day decide to turn off the game’s servers.

On top of that, update 4 will give you a reputation bar that you can fill by rescuing residents, completing Safehouse missions, and so on. This Community Standing reputation bar has six ranks with 39 rewards and a Safehouse Skill Tree to move through. Update 4 also adds Elder Nests, which “challenge you to destroy dangerously modified special Vampires to free Redfall from their influence,” as well as a Story Mode setting, a new “Unrivaled Weapon,” new enemy encounters, and more. Arkane clarifies that “there will be no full patch notes for this update. Thank you for understanding.”

Microsoft is shutting down several Bethesda studios alongside Arkane Austin, with Tango Gameworks, Alpha Dog Games, and Roundhouse Studios all closing too. This announcement was met with dismay across the industry, and among all the concerns Microsoft’s decision has caused, we shared our thoughts on how Xbox’s future lineup could go worryingly stale if these studio closures keep up. For now, Arkane has confirmed that Game Update 4 will be Redfall’s last. “We’re proud to deliver to you Redfall’s Game Update 4,” Arkane Austin says. “We’re thankful for the millions of players who have joined us. From everyone at Arkane Austin, thank you for playing our games and loving our worlds, it’s been an honor to deliver these experiences to you.”

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