TAT Rumble Is Modern Beatdown With A Retro Twist Coming This June

Upcoming TAT Rumble delivers blows with retro pixel imagery and an original fighting system that incorporates some surprising components.

TAT Rumble, slated for June 6th, has a unique look. It’s like your beloved classic arcade games getting a new lease on life. The game revolves around the enigmatic Twelve Anonymous Tournaments (TAT), where fighters engage in unrestricted combat.

Organize Your Deck and Let Chaos Reign

It is here that TAT Rumble defies expectations. With a deck of cards included, forget about learning intricate combos. Gathering Martial Bytes, which are essentially combatants with unique abilities, will allow you to use them during fights. It’s almost like a calculated fight in which a little good fortune can be rather helpful.

Wins mainly depend on resource management and timing using the appropriate Martial Byte. So brush up on your deck-building abilities and get set to rumble! You can always level up and raise your warriors’ stats if things get complicated.

Story Mode In Twelve Anonymous Tournaments Rumble

There are other aspects to TAT Rumble besides pixelated fighting. A narrative option also follows the path of Hiro, a teenage fighter out for vengeance after his father died inexplicably at a previous TAT competition. You can enter a world of high-stakes fighting and corporate conspiracies.

So, is TAT Rumble the upcoming fighting game phenomenon? We’ll find out in due course. TAT Rumble, meanwhile, may be worth a look if you’re seeking a new spin on the genre with a good dose of vintage charm. Just expect a slightly more haphazard brawl than your typical beating. In any competition, surprise can, after all, be a very effective weapon!

To get a better idea of characters and graphics, check out their official website! TAT Rumble is up for pre-registration on the Google Play Store!

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