Unboxed Xbox achievements ask for completionists and collectibles

Hypercharge: Unboxed’s action figures take the defense of childhood memories more seriously than most, and we can start getting to grips with the Hypercharge: Unboxed achievements as the game launches for Xbox Series X|S and Xbox One today! Now that the Hypercharge: Unboxed Xbox achievements have been revealed, it seems we’ll need to do everything from beating a T-Rex to finding all the hidden collectibles. Defeating Major Evil and his army in a battle of action figures looks like an absolute blast, so perhaps we’ll have a new contender for the best Xbox first person shooters on our hands.The idea is that Major Evil is trying to destroy the Hypercore, which was built by action figures to help humans remember childhood memories and their toys. Naturally, the only way to stop Major Evil is all-out war. There’s a story campaign to work through, as well as co-op, offline, split-screen, and local play options. You can adventure alongside player bots, too, or else aim to dominate the scoreboard in PvP modes.

Hypercharge: Unboxed’s achievements demand to see the destruction not only of a T-Rex, but also a cargo plane, a demolisher, one of every type of enemy in wave mode, and a whole lot more, as well as an overall 100% game completion rating. You can take a look at the full achievement list below: there are 20 achievements worth a total of 1,000 Gamerscore, none of which are secret.

Hypercharge: Unboxed Xbox achievements revealed

Name Description Gamerscore
Ready For Battle Complete the Tutorial. 15
Better With Friends Play split-screen with a friend. 15
Protector Earn a platinum wave mode reward. 30
Expert Protector Earn a diamond wave mode reward. 30
Private Complete all levels in wave mode. 30
Sergeant Complete all levels in wave mode with a gold award. 30
Captain Complete all levels in wave mode with a platinum award. 30
Lieutenant Complete all levels in wave mode with a ruby award. 30
General Complete all levels in wave mode with a diamond award. 90
Please, wake me up! Complete all levels in wave mode on nightmare difficulty. 90
Ultimate Power Use a HYPERCHARGED battery. 30
J.C. Destroy a demolisher. 30
Clear Skies Destroy a cargo plane. 30
Dino Hunter Destroy a T-Rex. 90
Toy Hunter Destroy one of every type of enemy in wave mode. 30
Jack of all Weapons Destroy an enemy with every weapon type in wave mode. 90
All the figurines Unlock all character types. 30
Gotta build ’em all Unlock all buildable types. 30
Collector Collect all the hidden collectibles. 90
Completionist Earn a 100% game completion rating. 160

If you’re looking for more PvP shooter action on the horizon, Marvel Rivals is coming to Xbox Series X|S as a free-to-play game featuring characters from the Marvel Multiverse.

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