REAL Emulation on iPhone! Delta on App Store

After 15+ years of waiting, Apple is now allowing retro game emulators on their App Store, and after a few crash-and-burn releases, we have the first legitimate emulator app on the store. Today we’re going to talk about Delta, show you how to set it up, and then highlight all of its many features (and a couple shortcomings, too).

Get it here:

AltStore PAL:
Delta wiki:
Connect your cloud service with the iPhone Files app:

Backbone One:
GameSir G8 (USB-C only):
GameSir X2S (USB-C only):
GameSir X2 (Bluetooth):
8bitDo SN30 Pro:
8bitDo Zero 2:
8bitDo Lite:

Delta skins:

00:00 introduction
01:44 installation
02:36 loading your games
03:36 controls and audio test
04:21 in-game quick menu
06:20 fixing box art
07:41 some missing features
09:37 game compatibility and ROM hacks
10:38 Nintendo DS setup
12:04 controller options
17:54 controller skins
19:45 Delta sync and backup
20:28 home screen shortcuts
21:48 iPad compatibility
22:57 summary and conclusion

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