Elden Ring’s lovable living pots are pure body horror in Shadow of the Erdtree

Pot Boys, Pot Friends, Clay Bros, Cauldron Cuzs, Living Jars… it doesn’t matter what you call them: they seem nice. They were among the first memes to spawn from Elden Ring and it’s little wonder, because they’re a species of sentient and occasionally violent pot. It’s like Hayao Miyazaki and Lewis Carroll collaborated, and then, I dunno, Eli Roth barged in. Or, to put laboured references aside, it’s like Hayataka Miyazaki having a normal one.

A brief appearance in the first Elden Ring gameplay video vastly undersold how very many Pot Friends there ended up being in the base game, which is no bad thing because one can never be under-equipped with ceramic vessels, sentient or not. Even the Pot Friends who attack us in Elden Ring are charming: their moveset is lumbering and predictable so that if a Pot Friend hurts you it’s definitely your own stupid fault. Pot Friends are hilarious, gorgeous, whimsical, bumbling treasures, are they not? 

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