A sci-fi mystery unfolds in Detective Minerva Case

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Detective Minerva Case is on Xbox, PlayStation and PC

If murder mysteries are your thing, especially when they are dark, grisly, and set in a dystopian near-future where AI threatens to take over the world, then Detective Minerva Case is surely well up your street.

Unravel the Clues

Available today on Xbox, PlayStation and PC storefronts, Detective Minerva Case is the sequel to 2023’s Detective Stella Porta Case. We were fans of this detective ’em up, especially praising the handy inclusion of the classic timeline board to help piece together all of the events we had happened upon. Such a clever mechanism is back in Detective Minerva Case, and will aid you in making clever inferences and deductions, as you trawl through evidence, explore crime scenes, and interrogate key witnesses and suspects with dialogue choices.

Story-wise, this one is set in a grim interpretation of the year 2068. Lupa Corps has just unveiled their revolutionary AI system, Minerva, and as a high-profile murder comes to light, we start to suspect that the two events may be closely linked…

It is therefore up to you to don your futuristic deerstalker cap and pipe, and get to work solving this mystery. Visually, Detective Minerva Case has the grungy visuals and mysterious music to boot, that is pretty much compulsory for any seedy detective game worth its salt.

Key Features

  • Collect Evidence: Examine crime scenes for hidden clues that others might overlook.
  • Make Deductions: Use your analytical skills to connect the dots and make sense of the evidence.
  • Solve Cases: Bring your findings back to the office and piece together the mystery.
  • Understand Motivations: Delve into the characters’ psyches and understand their reasons for their actions.

Buy Now!

Detective Minerva Case is available today on Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, PS5, PS4 and PC. You can pick up a copy for yourself via the Xbox Store for £8.79. Look out for our full review of Detective Minerva Case on Xbox, coming soon!

Detective Minerva Case Description

Year 2068, Lupa Corps, a company specialized in creating domestic artificial intelligence, is about to revolutionize the world with its new creation, Minerva. You are a detective and you receive a call to investigate a murder. Upon arrival, you realize that the victim was a well-known hacker wanted by justice. At that moment a story begins where nothing is what it seems.

DETECTIVE Minerva Case is a crime deduction and resolution game, your mission will be to understand what happened in each crime. You will need to have 100% senses to find all the evidence, even if it is hidden. Once you have the evidence, you must solve each case in your office. This game is designed for lovers of science fiction, crimes and original stories. Minerva case, is a title divided between history and crime resolution. You will go through a total of 6 scenarios to understand what is happening with Minerva and Lupa Corps. An ending you don’t expect.

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