Astro Bot pre-order begins June 7, features PaRappa Lovestruck Lyricist outfit and more

Hi everyone, this is Nicolas from Team Asobi. How are you all doing?

Last week, we announced that our upcoming game Astro Bot is coming to PlayStation 5 on September 6. Reactions to the announce trailer have been amazing and we cannot thank you enough for all the kind comments we received. The little robots of Team Asobi are now working harder, faster, and stronger to put the final touches to the game. So, what a perfect time to officially open the pre-orders for the game. 

Starting Friday, June 7, you can pre-order Astro Bot for PlayStation 5 in different 3 editions: 

  • Physical Standard Edition
  • Digital Standard Edition 
  • Digital Deluxe Edition

By pre-ordering any of the above, you will receive early unlocks to customize your experience. 

  • The Astro Lovestruck Lyricist outfit
  • The Glorious Graffiti Dual Speeder paint color
  • 2 Astro Avatars 

Physical Standard Edition + pre-order items

  • Physical poster
  • PaRappa Lovestruck Lyricist outfit
  • Glorious Graffiti Dual Speeder paint color
  • 2 Astro Avatars

Here’s a sneak peek at the insert poster inside the Physical Standard Edition 

Digital Standard Edition + Pre-Order Items 

  • PaRappa Lovestruck Lyricist outfit
  • Glorious Graffiti Dual Speeder paint color
  • 2 Astro Avatars

Digital Deluxe Edition + Pre-Order Items

On top of this, the Digital Deluxe Edition also adds the following early unlocks:

  • Astro’s Yharnam Tourist outfit
  • Astro’s Golden outfit 
  • The Neon Dream Dual Speeder paint color
  • The Champion’s Gold Dual Speeder paint color
  • The official Soundtrack and Digital Art Gallery
  • 10 Astro Avatars

The outfits and the Dual Speeder paint colors listed above will become available during the adventure as you unlock their respective buildings on the crash site.


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We had a blast designing these, between glamour and nostalgia and we hope you also enjoy showing them off in your game. As for the game soundtrack, it is once again composed by Kenneth C.M Young, who has once again been making some super catchy tunes. Special mention to the Tree of Funk!

That’s all for today, before going back to polishing our little treasure, let me take a second to thank you all on behalf of Team Asobi for the months of support you have given us. We have been blessed with nothing but kind comments online and touching family stories from the Astro community. We treasure these memories very dearly, never forgetting why we make video games and we hope we live up to your expectations with this new Astro Bot game!

See you on September 6. Team Asobi out.

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