Xbox Game Pass release window confirmed for narrative adventure game Sopa

It will be an interesting experience going after the Sopa – Tale of the Stolen Potato achievements, as the narrative adventure game sees Miho’s quest to fetch a potato for his grandma turn into a strange and magical adventure. Thanks to today’s Wholesome Direct Showcase, we now have an August Xbox Game Pass release window for Sopa, which means it can join SteamWorld Heist 2 in the “August 2024” section of our upcoming Game Pass games list.

Sopa confirms August Xbox Game Pass release window

In Sopa – Tale of the Stolen Potato, Miho is only heading to the pantry on an errand for his grandma when he’s suddenly whisked into a magical land full of strange characters. Intriguingly, “each time he returns to the kitchen with an ingredient, he finds things have changed in unexpected ways.” Sopa sees Miho traveling across South America, through mountains and rivers, solving puzzles, flying through the air, and getting to know the creatures and people he meets along the way.

Developer StudioBando describes it as “a tale about family, adventure, and the things we pass along to future generations, comforting like the first sip of hot soup on a cold day and vital as an ancient memory.” I’ve already spied the word “emotional” in the description, which is a good reminder that cozy games often pack a real punch when it comes to heavier themes — just look at Spiritfarer (what emotional havoc that game managed to wreak), and more recently, Dordogne and Venba; all of which were on Game Pass at one point or another, and which beautifully handled their own complex themes. Sopa – Tale of the Stolen Potato also Spirited Away, The Little Prince, and Coco as inspirations for its world of magic-realism, which suggests we’ll be in for something enchanting.

We’re only partway through what Summer Game Fest has to offer, and the Xbox Games Showcase still looms on the horizon — we’re hoping for more Game Pass goodness from the event, and have already made our Xbox Games Showcase 2024 TrueAchievements predictions of what we’re looking forward to.

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