Fallout 76 is finally going to let us play as ghouls: ‘It’ll be a different play style, which we’re really excited to see’

The prospect of playing as a ghoul has tempted players ever since we first set eyes on these decrepit, noseless creatures in the first Fallout. The series has had plenty of fantastic ghouls like Dean Domino and Raul Tejada in Fallout: New Vegas, John Hancok in Fallout 4, and the introduction of Chinese Remnant Spies in Fallout 3, who are ancient intelligence operatives that were marooned in the US when the bombs dropped. 

They’ve made for great antagonists and companions, but playing as one has always only been possible with mods. Until now, because the online series spinoff Fallout 76 is finally letting players become ghouls. 

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