OutRage: Fight Fest is a nifty 16-player brawler that’s trying to do punch-’em-up Fall Guys, but I’m just not sure there’s enough depth to get people hooked

It’s Steam Next Fest—which means there’s gonna be a whole bunch of demos to whet your little gamer teeth on over the next few days. Included in the free-for-all is OutRage: Fight Fest, a party-game style brawler being developed by Hardball Games Ltd. The demo actually came out over the weekend, but it’s still part of the festivities nonetheless.

The core concept at play here is that the more you throw punches, the bigger you get—the bigger you get, the more things you can throw. Players who play more aggressively should, in theory, be able to push around and bully everyone else, rewarding proactive (and skillful) play.

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