Winter Burrow announced for Xbox Game Pass as “cozy” survival experience

We’ll need to brave the winter woodland for the Winter Burrow achievements when the survival game launches for Xbox, Game Pass, and PC in early 2025, charting the story of a small mouse, their tree stump home, and their lost Aunt. Check out the announcement trailer below.

Winter Burrow comes to Xbox Game Pass in early 2025

“Winter Burrow is a cozy woodland survival game about a mouse returning home to restore their childhood burrow. Explore, gather resources, craft, knit warm sweaters, bake pies and meet the locals,” Pine Creek Games says.

It’s an interesting contrast between cozy elements and the harsh realities of winter, especially taking that missing Aunt into consideration. We’ll be braving the wilds and its dangers, but we’ll also be decorating our home and customising our character.

Winter Burrow goes into the “2025” section of our list of upcoming Game Pass games along with a number of other Xbox Games Showcase announcements, including Fable, which just got an Xbox Game Pass release window!

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