Backpack Hero – A lesson in inventory management

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Backpack Hero – on Xbox and PlayStation

We’ve known for decades about how Resident Evil is part horror game, and part inventory management puzzle, but no developer has dared make such a menial task the core of their game. That is, until Jaspel has, with Backpack Hero.

Placement Matters

Available today on Xbox and PlayStation for the first time since a PC and Switch original launch in November 2023, Backpack Hero sees you dungeon-crawling through a range of levels in this unique roguelike. 

The name of the game here is the need for positioning each of your items in your backpack strategically, such that each item gains a buff when used. Place your sword in the right slot for an attack boost, for example, and hopefully vanquish the current enemy that you are facing off against. Think Slay the Spire, but instead of cards, it’s backpacks!

Of course, as with any roguelike, things start to get more complicated, with more slots to occupy and different pieces of gear to obtain. With countless builds to try out and a variety of modes to enjoy, you won’t find Backpack Hero running out of content in a jiffy.

Aside from the dungeon-crawling, you’ll also occasionally re-surface to work on restoring your hometown – Haversack Hill. To do so, you’ll use the resources you’ve gathered in combat you build up the town, unlocking new residents and quests to venture on, as well as obtain the ability to buy and sell your items.

Key Features

  • Organize Your Pack – Min/Max your buffs and builds on dungeon runs to create game-breaking strategies!
  • Rebuild Haversack Hill – Attract new residents, buy and sell items, research new items, and unlock heroes, challenges, and quests.
  • Collect 800+ Unique Items!
  • Battle 100+ Unique Enemies!
  • Endless Dungeons – Start every run with randomly generated levels.

Play Now!

Backpack Hero is available on Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, PS5, PS4, Switch and PC. Whilst we prepare our full review of Backpack Hero for Xbox, you can check out the game for yourself – it’ll cost you £15.74 via the Xbox Store.

Backpack Hero Description

Backpack Hero is a twist on your standard deck-building roguelike. It isn’t just about what you carry, but how you organize the items within your bag! Their placement has a huge impact on their performance. Find them the right spot in your backpack to increase their power! Explore ancient dungeons, caves, swamps, and more! Meet colorful friends and fight deadly foes! Don’t get lost!

Story Mode

When you aren’t putting your life in danger, you can make good use of the resources you have gathered and rebuild your hometown of Haversack Hill! Turn it into a charming and efficient hamlet to attract new residents. Buy and sell items, conduct research, and unlock heroes, challenges, and quests. By organizing the perfect village, you will restore the world of Orderia and rescue the animals who live there!

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