Finally, a game that captures the best part of my old book store job: making the perfect book rec

I worked as a bookseller for about half a decade. My favorite part of the job was when people asked me for recommendations. I like to think I got pretty good at it; even now I can still tell you some of the New York Times top lists from 2013. Whether I was helping a grandma trying to figure out the AP level of a six-year-old or a shy teenager preordering a Cassandra Clare book, while doing that job I felt like my positive influence on the world around me was easy to see.

So perhaps it’s no surprise my favorite trailer from the Wholesome Games stream last week was for Tiny Bookshop, a bookstore management game where you choose books for customers at your seaside micro-shop. In the demo available on Steam, you’re new in town and meet a kindly retired bookseller who shows you the ropes of moving copies, along with a newspaper reporter and a few other citizens.

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