Topple the tyrants in Minesweeper inspired Let’s! Revolution!

Lets Revolution keyart
Let’s! Revolution! brings some Minesweeping vibes

There’s nothing new about trying to topple a tyrannical king. At least not in gaming terms. But perhaps we’ve never done so whilst making the most of Minesweeper styled mechanics. That changes with the release of Let’s! Revolution!. 

We have to admit to already getting a little tired of the exclamation marks found in Let’s! Revolution!. But let that slide and get immersed in the gameplay action found within and you should well be able to enjoy what BUCK have put together. 

Sold as a colourful roguelite puzzler that has been put together by the award winning animation and design team at BUCK, and you’ve got the recipe for something good in Let’s! Revolution!. Include the Minesweeper styled features and the chance to mix in turn-based tactics, deductive reasoning and plenty of puzzle, and it gets better still. 

A Minesweeper styled puzzler

Let’s! Revolution! runs a price of £16.74 from the Xbox Store. And from there it’s playable across Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S, fully optimised for the latter. It’s also present on PlayStation and Nintendo Switch should you prefer those controllers… 

Whatever, in Let’s! Revolution! you’ll get to go monarch toppling, as you chase a King around a board. Mostly hidden away, it’s up to you to uncover the world of Beebom that is around you, utilising various tactics and abilities. There are various classes to enjoy as well, ensuring that Let’s! Revolution! switches up how it should be tackled at every opportunity. 

The thing is, for all the tactics and wotnot, it’s the visual look of Let’s! Revolution! that we’re mostly taken by. The sound and music is pretty damn great too, as our 4/5 scored review of Let’s! Revolution! tells…

“The Kingdom of Beebom welcomes new puzzle solvers into our community with this launch on Nintendo Switch, PlayStation, and Xbox,” said Emily Rickard, CEO of BUCK. “After an incredibly successful launch on PC, liberators can now jump into the fray, protect Beebom City, and strategically sweep tiles to their hearts’ content in Let’s! Revolution! on consoles!”

Buy now!

Let’s! Revolution! is on the Xbox Store, downloadable today for £16.74. Alternatively, play on PlayStation or Nintendo Switch. 

Let us know where you decide to take this one in. The comments are below. 

Let’s! Revolution! Xbox Description

Rise up in Let’s! Revolution!, a roguelite puzzle mashup that builds on the classic rules of Minesweeper with procedurally generated mazes and turn-based tactics.

Embark on a deadly game of hide and seek, chasing the rotten King across the enchanting land of Beebom.

Put your problem-solving skills to the test as you flip tiles to outsmart deadly foes and uncover powerful items and abilities.

Evade the King’s deadly boot-licking lackeys or take them down in strategic turn-based combat.

Gear up along the way with over 100 items and abilities for a final showdown with the King himself in Beebom City.

Dive into the beautifully illustrated and hand-animated world of Beebom in this debut game from award-winning animation house BUCK. The original score and sound design by Antfood brings Beebom to life as a vibrant sonic world.

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