I tried to figure out the builds and perks of the Fallout TV show’s protagonists

When I watched Dungeons & Dragons: Honor Among Thieves, I spent half the movie trying to figure out everyone’s subclass and abilities. (Clearly, the DM house-ruled how many times a druid can use wildshape per day.) I can’t help it, there’s a part of my brain that thinks about everything in game terms. I couldn’t even watch Game of Thrones without analyzing the Battle of Winterfell as if it was a game of Warhammer

It’s particularly bad with videogame adaptations, which beg for this kind of thinking—and none more than Amazon’s Fallout series, which feels remarkably true to the games. I half suspect the series bible includes character sheets for all the protagonists, complete with tagged skills, perks, and full SPECIAL stats. Since I don’t have access to that, I’ve just had to base mine on what we see on-screen during the first season. 

Lucy McClean, Vault Dweller

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