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Check out our walkthrough of Turbo Kid to find out how to explore the Sewers and find the Dodge Roll move.

Welcome to the Into Indie Games walkthrough for Turbo Kid.

For more information on Turbo Kid beyond this walkthrough, be sure to check the Steam page here.

Go left from the couch you saved last time.

Jump up to the lightning conductor switch and use your Lightning gun to keep the door below open and head through.

Take the warp zone back to Naomi’s Lab. Leave New Hope and head to the entrance of the Sewers.

Head down the ladder and talk to Naomi. Save at the couch, drop down and take the enemy here out. Climb up and pick up the White Crate.

Keep going to the right till you reach the tall ladder, climb up to the top and take the rats out.

From here go to the right, around the corner and take the flies out. Then go through the narrow crawlspace and drop down. Climb up the tall ladder but jump off at regular intervals, there are hidden tunnels on the right.

Head to the right through the 2nd tunnel from the top.

Keep going to the right, till you reach the couch and save there. From the couch head up and left and then at the tunnel with the fly head to the right.

If you climb up the ladder at the top, you can open up a shortcut back to New Hope. Otherwise head to the right and down the ladder.

Keep going till you reach the location in the picture below and head up.

Pick up the white crate at the end of the tunnel and head back down and to the right. At the end of this tunnel you will meet Newt.

Drop down and head to the left now till you reach the location in the picture below and drop down.

Keep moving to the right till you reach the end and climb up the hand holds.

Save at the couch on top and head to the right. Clear the massive pile of debris and keep heading right. Drop down the ladder just to the right and kill the flies. You will be in a location with multiple ladders.

Jump off the ladders to pick up a white crate and a Short Story on the left. Move to the right now, past the tall ladder. Head down after clearing the debris to save at the couch.

Head to the right and fall through the gap in the floor and kill the enemies here – the two hanging ones are super annoying, take them out first.

Head to the right, past the small crawlspace and you will meet Strike Jr. Keep moving to the right, past the tall half pipe ramp and you will meet Balzakan.

Convince him that you are not a ghost by saying no twice and then boasting. He will go back to New Hope and be a merchant. Head to the left till you reach the ladder in the location here and climb up.

Go back to the couch on the left and save there. Move to the right and drop down the gap in the wall as before. Go to the left and eventually you will find another race. Participate if you want to, otherwise go to the left to find a couch and save there.

Go back to the right and climb up the ladder in the middle of the path, go around the path and you can find Gertie in the location below.

Go back down and to the left. There is a ladder heading up near the couch. Go up there to find the hideout for the Scramblers and you will find Ed Friendly here too. Talk to him. He will ask you to find the missing kids, but we have already been finding them so that completes the quest. He asks you to find Blade now.

Go up the vent next to Ed and you can find another couch to save. Head back the way you came to the previous couch, move to the left from there, over the pits and eventually you will come up to the ladder in the picture below.

Jump over the dead bodies and climb around to find a heart container. Head back down and keep moving to the left to find another couch to save. Keep moving to the left to find another couch. Save there too. Keep going to the left and once you hit the locked door, climb up with your spiked wheels to go around and unlock the door.

This path to the left leads to the skate park, so head back to the right. Keep going till you reach the ladder heading up.

You will find Biff here. Go down and to the right and save at the couch. Next, head down the ladder that is on the left. You will find Hogarth down there. He will tell you that you can’t go that way. Go back up and to the right. Pick up the white crate on your way.

Keep going to the right, then head up the ladder where you found the heart container. Keep heading up through the locked ladder path and you will eventually be back at the entrance area. Keep to the left and go around to the upper level to find Blade.

Head back down to the Scramblers HQ and talk to Ed. Watch the cutscene unfold. Now head back to Hogarth to use the secret path.

Go to the right, and drop down. Pick up the Short Story here and head down. Keep heading down till you reach the couch at the bottom. Keep going to the right to unlock Dodge Roll.

Head on to the next part of our walkthrough of Turbo Kid here! (Coming Soon!)

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