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In an exciting development for fans of animated entertainment and old school video games, Comedy Central has unveiled plans for a brand-new animated series based on Sega’s 1989 seminal side-scrolling beat’em up / hack’n slash video game, Golden Axe. Set to captivate audiences with its unique blend of humor and adventure, the announcement has already sparked widespread anticipation among viewers eager to witness the comedic prowess of the show’s talented cast and crew.

Led by the Emmy-winning actor Matthew Rhys, known for his remarkable performances in “The Americans” and “Perry Mason,” alongside the beloved actor Danny Pudi, recognised for his role in the hit series “Community,” Golden Axe promises to deliver a fresh and entertaining experience for audiences of all ages.

Just like the video game, Golden Axe is set in the medieval fantasy world, Yuria, filled with magic, mythical creatures, and epic quests, with the animated series following the exploits of Ax Battler, Tyris Flare and Gilius Thunderhead, a group of unlikely heroes as they embark on an adventure battling the evil giant Death Adder and his minions. With Rhys and Pudi at the helm, viewers can expect a delightful blend of wit, charm, and comedic timing as the characters navigate the perils of their quest with hilarity and heart.

Speaking about his involvement in the project, Matthew Rhys expressed his excitement, stating,

“I am thrilled to be part of such a fun and imaginative series. Golden Axe is a truly unique and exciting project, and I can’t wait for audiences to join us on this epic journey.”

Equally enthusiastic about the upcoming series, Danny Pudi shared,

“As a longtime fan of animation, I am honored to be working alongside such a talented team to bring ‘Golden Axe’ to life. The world we are creating is full of humor, adventure, and heart, and I can’t wait for viewers to experience it.”

With Comedy Central’s reputation for delivering groundbreaking comedy and innovative storytelling, Golden Axe is poised to become a standout addition to the network’s lineup. As viewers eagerly await its premiere, the animated series is already generating buzz and anticipation, promising an unforgettable adventure filled with laughter, excitement, and plenty of golden moments.

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