Retronauts Episode 611: The Contra: Operation Galuga Wail

Fear not: we’ve got more puns where that came from!

As both a listener and host of Retronauts, I never expected we would ever devote this much airtime in 2024 to the Contra series. That’s not a complaint, just a genuine surprise at how the year has shaken out. Then again, when a series this old returns after such a long hiatus, I suppose we are right to celebrate it.

Stuart Gipp hosts again this week, again joined by John Linnerman and Thomas Nickel from our previous Contra chats. Together the three assess the newest release, Operation Galuga, now that it’s hit all platforms and they’ve had their chance to run & gun the breadth of it.

Description: Wrapping up Contra series with a look at WayForward’s Contra: Operation Galuga, with Stuart Gipp, Thomas Nickel and John Linneman. Bandanas on!

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Artwork for this episode by Leeann Hamilton and editing thanks go to Greg Leahy.

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