Abiotic Factor’s first major update adds alien cheese and corpse bags, as the Half-Life inspired survival sim sells 250,000 copies

Do you ever think about how a game smells? I’m not talking about, say, the smell of the manual (back in the days when games had manuals). I mean what the game world might smell like if you could inhale its atmosphere. A few of the more putrid areas of FromSoft games, like Dark Souls’ Blighttown, have got me wondering about how badly it might whiff. But it isn’t something I consider especially often.

After reading through the patch notes of Abiotic Factor’s first update, however, I can think of little else other than how much the GATE Cascade Research Facility must reek like Beelzebub’s socks. This is mainly thanks to two additions the update makes to Deep Field Games’ Half-Life inspired survival sim, namely alien cheese and corpse bags.

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