Nirvana Noir Walkthrough

Welcome to the Into Indie Games walkthrough for Nirvana Noir.

This walkthrough is presently based on the game’s 2024 demo. It will be updated to cover the full game when the full game releases.

For more information on Nirvana Noir beyond this walkthrough, check out our feature on the game, and also the official website.

Scene One: Interrogating the Butcher

As this scene starts, you’ll be drawn into a conversation with a couple of detectives in a car. You can choose whatever dialog options you prefer – the end result will be the same.

Your objective now is to grill the butcher about ‘The Change’. To do this, go left on Middle Way until you see the store with the cleaver-and-knife logo. Interact with the door to enter this establishment.

Note that along the way, you can talk to a few characters by interacting with them. You can also find some characters to talk to beyond the butchers’, near the Constant Club. All of these interactions are optional, however.

On entering the butcher’s store, you can optionally talk to Ma Nil while she smells the soup that’s reserved for the pastor. Otherwise, talk to the butcher in the back of the store.

You can use the black font options to make small talk with the butcher, or use the white font options to get to the point. Do the latter to proceed with the conversation.

Nirvana Noir Walkthrough

Eventually, you’ll end up in a conversation puzzle with the butcher. Here, you must create the right words with the letters given, to produce a white-font conversation option. Valid words that are not the solution will produce black-font options, which are optional.

The solution to the first puzzle is ‘BIG’.

After some more conversation, you’ll get the second puzzle, which has more letters, and the solution is 4 letters long.

The solution to the second puzzle is ‘GROW’.

The third puzzle has a 5 letter long solution.

The solution to the third puzzle is ‘POWER’.

After this, a conversation will follow, at the end of which you must leave the butcher shop through the door.

Nirvana Noir Walkthrough

Another conversation follows, and the scene in the demo ends here.

Scene Two: Investigating the Wrecking Ball

You’ll begin on Middle Way again. Interact with the blueprint to learn your objective: find the bulb with the exact specifications in the blueprint.

After you’re apprised of the situation, go left and through the fence to the right of the Constant Club.

Don’t bother with the bouncer – go straight to the door and show them your ticket.

Nirvana Noir Walkthrough

Once inside, you can optionally check out the coat rack by going through the door to the right.

Otherwise, check out the guest book under the lamp.

After this, you’ll be permitted entry to the Wrecking Ball. Head in and keep going right. There’s a lot of highlights to inspect along the way – most of these are optional.

You’ll encounter a photographer along the way. Interact with the clocktower model and then continue to the right.

Once you reach backstage, interact with the man playing the saxophone.

After ‘speaking’ with him, you’ll encounter a puzzle. Your goal here is to destroy the animatronic by causing it to smash into props.

You have three buttons, which control different parts of the animatronic. You can also control the Left, Central, and Right props with the dials below.

Nirvana Noir Walkthrough

Move the left dial to position 3 from the left. Then, use the bottom-right button.

Move the right dial to position 2 from the left. Then, use the top-right button.

Finally, move the left dial to position 4 from the left. Then, use the bottom-left button.

Now grab the bulb. A cinematic will follow, after which the demo scene will conclude.

Thank you for reading our walkthrough of Nirvana Noir. For more interesting articles about indie games, be sure to check out the links below.

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