Dreadwolf renamed as BioWare prepares gameplay reveal

If you’re looking forward to collecting Dragon Age: Dreadwolf achievements, you’re going to be waiting for… well, forever, as that’s no longer the name of the next Dragon Age game. BioWare has renamed Dragon Age: Dreadwolf, which is now called Dragon Age: The Veilguard. That’s not the only news we’ve got for the upcoming Xbox RPG, though, as we’ll be treated to a gameplay reveal on June 11.

Dragon Age 4 gameplay to be revealed next week

dragon age dreadwolf renamed

As revealed on the BioWare blog, the upcoming Dragon Age game’s name change has been made to reflect the developer’s strong feelings for its “new heroes, their stories, and how you’ll need to bring them together to save all of Thedas,” Dragon Age Veilguard executive producer and BioWare general manager Gary McKay says.

Worry not, though, as Solas, the Dreadwolf himself, “still has an important part in this tale, but you and your companions — not your enemies — are the heart of this new experience.” Just like Dragon Age: Origins, Dragon Age 2, and Dragon Age: Inquisition, The Veilguard will introduce a new hero for you to “make your own” and adventure with across Thedas as you “take on a terrifying new threat unleashed on the world.”

As with other games, companionship will be an important part of Dragon Age: Veilguard’s gameplay, and this adventure will feature seven companions to chill with. McKay says the companions “will have deep and compelling storylines where the decisions you make will impact your relationships with them — as well as their lives,” so romancing could be on the table once again.

Dragon Age: Inquisition turns a decade old in December, and in that time BioWare has had a tumultuous time, with the likes of layoffs just last year, reports that it “quietly resented its writers,” and even reports that this Dragon Age sequel was canceled at one point. BioWare hasn’t released a brand-new game since Anthem, so we’re hoping Dragon Age: The Veilguard is the win the developer needs.

“After Dragon Age: Inquisition launched, the studio was given an incredible opportunity to explore, test, and validate a variety of gameplay concepts as we worked to determine what the next Dragon Age could look like,” McKay says, reflecting on the last decade. “We brought everything to the table which, yes, even included a multiplayer concept. The time we spent experimenting and iterating gradually taught us a lot. This work, and the amazing support from EA, helped us re-focus on creating an incredible single-player game, with all the choices, characters, and world-building you’d expect from us.”

If you fancy some Dragon Age goodness ahead of The Veilguard’s reveal on June 11, we have some stats that show the Dragon Age: Origins companions Xbox players are most thirsty for.

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