Find dogs and hear sick beats in Shy Dogs Hidden Orchestra on Xbox

Shy Dogs Hidden Orchestra
Shy Dogs Hidden Orchestra on Xbox

For fans of the long-running series of hidden object games by Artifex Mundi, or perhaps the more laid-back A Castle Full of Cats, the release of a brand-new hidden object title is sure to be exciting. Shy Dogs Hidden Orchestra is the sequel to Sky Cats Hidden Orchestra, just with canines instead of felines, of course.

Musical Mutts

Available now on Xbox platforms, following on from a late-2023 PC release, Shy Dogs Hidden Orchestra comes to us from the folks at Enchant Games.

The aim of the game here is simple – pan across one of the ten cartoonish levels, and locate the dogs cleverly hidden in the background. As you find a dog, it will start playing a little ditty, with all the dogs coming together in a full-blown orchestra. At the end, you’ll have ten bespoke songs to jam along to, as well as the reward of finding over 200 doggies, and hopefully the secret puppy in each level.

A chill, relaxing game with dogs playing music – what’s more to love? 

Key Features

  • Explore ten levels in cartoon hand-drawn style.
  • Build ten songs composed exclusively for the game.
  • Find over 200 hidden shy puppies and special hints.
  • Solve a enigma in each level to enable the secret puppy.

Play Today!

Shy Dogs Hidden Orchestra is now available on Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One and PC – you can pick it up via the Xbox Store for £4.19. As ever, we will have a full review of Shy Dogs Hidden Orchestra for Xbox, coming soon!

Game Description

The Shy Dogs Hidden Orchestra will be on tour! The puppies are clumsy, but they are musical!

The Shy Dogs Hidden Orchestra is a hidden object game with musical elements. Each hidden character found unlocks a new musical instrument inside each game’s level. Thus, you’ll be able to create your own songs as you find cute little dogs hidden by beautiful 2D cartoon backgrounds.

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