It’s Only $60! The BEST Retro Game Console For The Price! (Super Console X Cube)

Today we’re gonna be looking at the SUPER CONSOLE X CUBE. It’s a retro emulation game console thing… From China!


DIY Super Console X Arcade Machine:
Super Console X Pro Review:

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00:00 I’m TechDweeb
00:58 Super Console X Pro
01:48 Introducing the Super Console X Cube
03:42 Unboxing
04:23 Controllers
05:38 The Console
06:55 Specs
07:28 Setting it up
09:09 System tour
10:08 Gameboy
11:40 GBA
12:36 Game Gear
13:05 Darkwing Duck
13:24 Atari 2600
14:45 Missing Audio Glitch
15:45 Mame
17:07 CPS 1 & 2
17:34 SNES
18:15 Dreamcast
19:20 Nintendo 64 (resolution performance tests)
21:10 Nintendo DS
21:28 PS1
23:07 PSP
23:50 Downloading Themes
24:37 Adding Roms & Scraping Art

Intro: Captive Portal – Intro For A Nonexisting Video Game
Outro: RoccoW – Chipho instrumental
25:26 PSP (high end emulation)
26:14 This one’s for you Boris
26:52 What do I think about the SCX Cube?
29:08 Dweebroll

#superconsolex #retrogames #emulation #android #sbc

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