Tony Montezuma’s Gold – A fabulous monochrome Platformer for the Amiga, AtariXL & Commodore 64

Thanks to Monochrome Productions letting us know, we have been told that if you were hoping to play their newest of creations for the Amiga, Atari XL and C64 called ‘Tony Montezuma’s Gold’. Then at some point from this article going live, you’ll be able to play this top quality platformer that will also be premiered during Pixel Heaven 2024. A game that looks like it could be right at home on a classic Macintosh with monochrome graphics! As ever, Saberman has provided some videos which gives us a better look at the game by Vladimir Jankovic, Dudek, Maciej Małecki, Adam Gilmore, and Sami “Mutetus” Juntunen.

New final video soon

Here’s the latest about the game, which will be available as a gorgeous boxed edition published by K&A Plus Magazine. “Embark on a pixelated journey inspired by Tony Halik, the real-life Polish explorer and filmmaker whose adventures spanned continents and decades. He was exploring ancient civilisations for NBC, Tony’s love of discovery knew no bounds. Now it’s your turn to step into Tony’s digital shoes and unravel the mysteries of Montezuma’s Castle in this nostalgic 8-bit homage”.

Tributes : To the legacy of Tony Halik for inspiring this pixel quest. For those of you who remember the days of 8-bit adventure, we hope this brings back fond memories. To newcomers, welcome to a legendary era of gaming. 

  • Game concept & graphics: Rafał Dudek 
  • Programming: Paweł ‘TUKINEM’ Tukatsch
  • Music: Marcin ‘EIGHTBM’ Białobrzewski
  • Testing: Marcin ‘MARCOWY’ Nowak, Andrzej ‘KATO’ Poślednik
  • Help: David “Jazzcat” Simmons, XLent, Adam Szczepański, Paweł Serenity Szymczyk

Links :1) Source 2) Boxed Edition  ( Due to a misunderstanding many thought the game was due some weeks back, but it should be available now )

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