Emu’s Massive Hunt – A new game for the Vic 20 with a full +35K memory expansion

If you have a Vic20 with a 35K RAM expansion, then make sure to check out Hewco’s latest game creation of ‘Emu’s Massive Hunt’. A new game that isn’t just available as a free download through the itch io website linked below, but also as a physical cassette through THE FUTURE WAS 8 BIT. To coincide with this news, Saberman has done a video showing some of the levels, the enemies, as well as the objects you need to collect to help you progress.

Here’s the latest from the website. “Find 255 items spread over over 4 zones, 64 individual locations with two different endings. Some items are special and are crucial to allow you to progress. Some items will give you new abilities, like the snorkel for swimming under water or the shoes for better jumps. Not everything is as it seems, there is much to discover along the way. Try pushing or jumping on things! Playing as Emu, you can rescue Rod without finding everything if you have enough Jelly. The game has three difficulty levels to match your abilities. For example, the easiest level will give you extra lives and you won’t have to find all the Jelly to open the Jelly Door”.

  • Game design, coding and graphics by Andy H, muzak by Mince: Unknown.

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