Mecha Break Coming to Xbox Series X|S in 2025, Apply for the Closed Beta Today


  • Mecha Break will be available in 2025 for Xbox Series X|S, with a closed beta test coming only to Xbox Series X in August 2024.
  • The game features three distinct game modes: 6v6 Battlefield mode, 3v3 Arena mode, and up to 60-player PvEvP (unavailable for the upcoming beta).
  • Experience an arsenal of unique mechs with diverse playstyles and customization; play how you want and master your mech’s abilities.

Oozing with high-tech style and full of fast-paced battles, Mecha Break is multiplayer mech-based shooter that puts you in the pilot seat of your very own towering mech as you dive into a clash of steel and plasma unlike any other. Now, after two successful closed beta tests on PC, developer Amazing Seasun Games is proud to announce that Mecha Break’s next closed beta test will be coming to Xbox Series X in August 2024!

While the impressive mechs and break-neck speed of Mecha Break’s combat is the flashy initial draw, the room for personal expression through cosmetic customization and diverse combat tactics will let you build an attachment to your favorite mech. The full release game will feature three distinct game modes: 6v6 Battlefield mode, 3v3 Arena mode, and up to 60-player PvEvP.

Mecha Break features customizable mechs, player-created mech pilots, a wide array of mech and weapon types, and three distinct game modes where you can discover an array of attacker, brawler, defender, sniper, and support mechs each with unique playstyles and toolsets.

For the upcoming closed beta test in August on Xbox Series X, the highlighted game modes will be the 3v3 Arena mode and 6v6 Battlefield mode. Here you’ll work together with your team and engage in intense aerial and ground combat as you fight for the objective. Employ strategic tactics for close and long-range encounters, unleash devastating firepower, cleave mechs in half with giant melee weapons, and rain missiles upon the battlefield as you and your team fight to win.

Strategic planning is key in Mecha Break, so effective communication with teammates will be essential to lead them to victory. Prepare for adrenaline-pumping battles, lightning-fast maneuvers, and explosive firepower. Experience the colossal power and thrilling movement of your towering mech. Mecha Break’s closed beta test on Xbox Series X will begin in August 2024. Stay up to date on all Mecha Break news on Discord, YouTube and X (formerly Twitter).


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Mecha BREAK is a multiplayer mech game that allows players to choose from diverse mechs, customize appearances, and battle colossal war machines on treacherous terrain. Get ready for the ultimate showdown—blitz, brawl, blaze!

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